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We had a great time on Sunday celebrating our season.  While we are all looking forward to the holiday season we cannot wait to see what 2021 has in store for our program!  #WeAintDoneYet

Titans defeat Hampton in Round 1!!

Kylee Jones - Fighting Spirit Award - GO VOTE!!

Click on the image to vote for Kylee!

Kylee is a hardworking, kind, respectful student athlete and goes out of her way to make people smile. She has been a member of the North Oconee softball program for the last two years and is also a member of the NOHS Lacrosse team and FFA where she takes care of and shows goats. Kylee is always eager and willing to help her teammates and coaching staff, being a perfect example of a Lady Titan. In the beginning of 2019, her team learned that Kylee had a brain tumor located directly between her optic nerves that caused excruciating headaches. She was battling severe headaches and fatigue for almost a full year while continuing to participate in school, sports, 18U travel ball, and FFA. There’s been good and bad days, but Kylee has fought for more good days! She has to take more breaks than she normally would, but she doesn’t let it affect her spirit or attitude. Last year as a freshman, Kylee was “thrown into” many varsity games as a pitcher, outfielder, infielder, and base runner. She handled every situation with poise, competitiveness, and calmness. As a pitcher, she faced one of the best teams in the region and showed ZERO nerves. She is a true competitor.  Kylee is scheduled to have the tumor removed in September 2020. The surgery will take 3-4 hours and will be in the hospital for 3-4 nights with the first 24 hours in the ICU. Kylee has given us all instructions to keep her updated on how her JV and Varsity teams are doing. Kylee has already shared with the coaches and her mom that she wants to get back to the field as soon as possible. 

Schedule Changes

Make sure to check back to the calendar and the schedules for the most up to date action on the field!!  

Welcome to the Official North Oconee Softball Website!!

Thank you for visiting our page!  We will be working hard to get our site up and running over the couple of weeks so you can all be up to date on everything we are doing with the North Oconee Softball program.  We are excited about the upcoming are some things to be on the lookout for:

- Schedule - from now until the end of the fall season - mark your calendars!

- Additions to the coaching staff - we hope to have some exciting news soon

- Mission Statement - once the team is chosen, the coaching staff will work together with the seniors to decide on where we would like to take our program.

- Fundraising - we have a lot of things we would like to bring to our program and we will need to start raising money to pour back into our girls!!

If there is anything you would like to see on our site, please do not hesitate to let me know.


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Upcoming Events
Thursday, Aug 05
3:50 PMPractice - FUN (tiedye/camo)
Friday, Aug 06
4:30 PMJV Home vs. Cherokee Bluff
6:30 PMVarsity Home vs. Cherokee Bluff
All DayCamper Night at Tonight's Games!!!
Monday, Aug 09
3:55 PMJV Practice - RED
6:00 PMVarsity Away vs. Monroe Area
Tuesday, Aug 10
4:30 PMJV Home vs. Oconee County
6:30 PMVarsity Home vs. Oconee County
Wednesday, Aug 11
3:55 PMPractice - GRAY
Thursday, Aug 12
4:30 PMJV Home vs. Madison County
6:30 PMVarsity Home vs. Madison County
Friday, Aug 13
3:55 PMPractice - FUN (tiedye/camo)
Saturday, Aug 14
10:00 AMVarsity @ Collins Hill
12:00 PMVarsity vs. Locust Grove @ Collins Hill
Monday, Aug 16
3:55 PMPractice - RED
Tuesday, Aug 17
All DayJV Away vs. East Hall
All DayVarsity Away vs. East Hall
Wednesday, Aug 18
3:55 PMJV Practice - GRAY
5:45 PMV @ Mill Creek 5:45 vs. North Gwinnett 7:45 vs. Mill Creek
Thursday, Aug 19
4:30 PMJV Home vs. Cedar Shoals
6:30 PMVarsity Home vs. Cedar Shoals
Friday, Aug 20
3:55 PMPractice - FUN (tiedye/camo)
Monday, Aug 23
3:45 PMVarsity Practice - RED
5:30 PMJV Away vs. Chestatee
Tuesday, Aug 24
4:30 PMJV Away vs. Jefferson
6:30 PMVarsity Away vs. Jefferson
Wednesday, Aug 25
3:50 PMPicture Day
3:55 PMPractice - GRAY
Thursday, Aug 26
4:30 PMJV Home vs. Flowery Branch
6:30 PMVarsity Home vs. Flowery Branch
Friday, Aug 27
8:00 PMV vs. Pierce County @ Victor Lord Park
All DayTitan Warrior Classic @ Victor Lord Park in Winder
Saturday, Aug 28
All DayTitan Warrior Classic @ Victor Lord Park in Winder
Monday, Aug 30
3:55 PMPractice - RED
Tuesday, Aug 31
4:30 PMJV Away vs. Madison County
6:30 PMVarsity Away vs. Madison County
Wednesday, Sep 01
3:55 PMPractice - GRAY
Thursday, Sep 02
4:30 PMJV Home vs. East Hall
6:30 PMVarsity Home vs. East Hall
Friday, Sep 03
3:55 PMPractice - FUN (tiedye/camo)
Monday, Sep 06
All DayLABOR DAY - No Practice - UNLESS we have a makeup game tomorrow
Tuesday, Sep 07
3:55 PMPractice - RED
Wednesday, Sep 08
5:30 PMJV Home vs. Chestatee
5:30 PMVarsity Away vs. Grayson
Thursday, Sep 09
4:30 PMJV Away vs. Cedar Shoals
6:30 PMVarsity Away vs. Cedar Shoals
Friday, Sep 10
All DaySoftball On the Road - Maybe a part of the College Tour - TBD
Saturday, Sep 11
All DaySoftball On the Road - Maybe a part of the College Tour - TBD
Monday, Sep 13
3:55 PMPractice - RED
Tuesday, Sep 14
4:30 PMJV Home vs. Jefferson
6:30 PMVarsity Home vs. Jefferson
Wednesday, Sep 15
3:55 PMPractice - GRAY
Thursday, Sep 16
4:30 PMJV Away vs. Flowery Branch
6:30 PMVarsity Away vs. Flowery Branch
Friday, Sep 17
3:55 PMPractice - FUN (tiedye/camo)
Saturday, Sep 18
10:45 AMMadison County JV Tournament (3 games)
Monday, Sep 20
4:30 PMJV Away vs. Apalachee
6:30 PMVarsity Away vs. Apalachee
Tuesday, Sep 21
3:55 PMJV Hit In cages - RED
5:30 PMVarsity Home vs. Madison County
Wednesday, Sep 22
3:55 PMPractice - GRAY
Thursday, Sep 23
All DayJV Away vs. East Hall
All DayVarsity Away vs. East Hall
Friday, Sep 24
3:55 PMVarsity Practice - FUN (tiedye/camo)
Monday, Sep 27
3:45 PMJV Uniform Turn In - Pants and both Jerseys turned in CLEAN
5:30 PMVarsity Home vs. Brookwood
Tuesday, Sep 28
5:30 PMSENIOR NIGHT Varsity Home vs. Cedar Shoals
Wednesday, Sep 29
5:30 PMVarsity Away vs. Jefferson
Thursday, Sep 30
3:55 PMPractice - RED
Friday, Oct 01
3:55 PMPractice - GRAY